Class timetable will be published soon | Platform: Google Hangouts

Stay Fit & Connected Program

Work[out] from home. A Live Streaming Training Group to keep us connected, fit and healthy throughout Covid-19 pandemic.
Registration is now Closed. You are placed on the waiting list and will be contacted by us soon.
Stay Fit & Connected Program

Time & Location

Class timetable will be published soon
Platform: Google Hangouts

About the Event

In an effort to keep our amazing community connected and together, SuckerPunch Fitness will launch Stay Fit & Connected Program, series of Live Online Group Training Sessions run weekly using Google Hangouts

You will be provided with a link for each session you would like to attend. You can exercise in your backyard, living room, kitchen or anywhere you have a bit of space to do burpees! 

The timetable for the scheduled classes will be posted on the Stay Fit & Connected Program Facebook page soon. 

The sessions will be combination of HIIT, Boxing (pad work if you have someone who can join you or hold pads for you or Shadow Boxing), Body-weight exercises and Resistance exercises using whatever equipment you have at home. I will have a starter pack including some equipment which you can purchase. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

This way, we will all remain in contact and active as here at SuckerPunch Fitness we strongly believe isolation and being idle will not be good for anyone at these challenging times. We have to step up, stay connected, support each other and make the most of the difficult situation we are facing.

The first week of the training will be free of charge for existing members. From then on the membership fee will be $10 per week on direct debit. 

If you are interested to join the Stay Fit & Connected Program, please email me and I will set up your membership and starter pack if you would like one. 

Please spread the word and if you have friends or family who are keen to stay fit during the gyms closure. Lets come out of this stronger and fitter!

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