If you're tired of going to the gym, doing the same exercises over and over again, then try one of our classes.

If you've tried Boxing or Muay Thai before but felt intimidated or overwhelmed, our classes are for people like you.

If you want to look forward to and get excited over your training, we offer fun, dynamic and calorie scorching sessions.

If you want to belong and feel connected, we've built a community like no other. 

SuckerPunch Fitness is about empowerment, self-discovery, pushing boundaries, genuine connections, supporting others, compassion and empathy.  We encourage personal and community growth through health and fitness. This ethos is the life source of SuckerPunch Fitness and the foundation of every single training session.

Now, what do we actually do?

SuckerPunch Fitness provides one on one and small group sessions with strong focus on correct technique to prevent injuries and increase strength and fitness. Our services include Strength and Conditioning, Boxing/Muay Thai and HIIT and the sessions are designed specifically to meet our clients' goals and interests. 

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